Well, today was a fun start on my way to Germany, the flight was cancelled at the last minute today, so I will now be departing for Germany a day later. The whole experience was quite interesting. I went through the entire departure procedure, and I was waiting at the terminal for Meghan, the other Eastern student teaching in Germany. When Meghan showed up we decided to get some food. We walked around for maybe 20 minutes. Then when we get back to the gate I notice that it no longer says Frankfurt as the destination; it now says Munich. Realizing this Meghan and I head to the board to see an update on our flight. My first thoughts were that we simply changed gates. Then I saw aircraft service flash on the departure line, and I started thinking, oh, so we’ll be delayed. One second later it flashes to cancelled. Meghan and I look at each other and say, “well, what does that mean?” I know it clearly means we aren’t flying out and the flight has been cancelled, but we had no idea what to do next, so we simply got in the customer service line with everyone else whose flight had been cancelled. Eventually a United representative came and took all of us back to the main terminal to reschedule our flight. It ended up with our flight being pushed back literally by one day, and getting a $150.00 credit towards a domestic flight within the next year. All-in-all not too bad, I figure that $150.00 will definitely be of help for possible interviews in the spring, or to crash on a couch in D.C.

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